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Acquisition of new products in the pharmaceutical industry - the most popular business models

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most innovative, competitive and globalized business area. Especially in such a developed and interconnected market as the European Union where Competitors often operate in multiple national markets simultaneously. In order to adapt to a changing business environment, pharmaceutical companies must constantly look for  new business opportunities and improve strategies to optimize their products portfolio.

Instead of developing a new pharmaceutical product themselves, it is often more efficient to acquire a product with Marketing Authorisation from a third party. This strategy is known as in-licensing and usually refers to the purchase of product dossier rights or a Marketing Authorization along with the supply of the finished product. Other modifications are also used in business practice. If you are interested in a product licensing, it is extremely important to do research the market and find potential trustworthy partners offering MA or dossier for purchase, as well as product supply.

Another key aspect during business negotiations is the audit of a product dossier in terms of legal requirements. Failure to meet the requirements, may significantly delay or even hold a product launch to the market. Therefore, it is extremely important to verify a potential business partner and a product before signing the final contracts. For this purpose, many companies outsource all or part of the tasks related to the purchase of a new product to specialized consulting companies with experience in this field.

Trust the experts

As the experienced consulting company, providing comprehensive services for the pharmaceutical sector, Sciencepharma has helped many pharmaceutical companies with the purchase of products (via support in MAH transfer) and/or dossiers. We do have a network of contacts, both inside and outside the EU, to quickly help you find and purchase new products or dossiers. Moreover our experienced experts are able to effectively evaluate pharmaceutical products or medical devices and their documentations and identify potentially sensitive issues affecting the market launch.


By cooperating with us you gain:

  • Quick and effective searching the market for the products you are interested in, due to our wide network of contacts,
  • List of products or dossiers to be purchased, together with contact to persons responsible at the tenderer and a detailed report on carried out activities,
  • Collecting objective commercial offers without revealing your company name in preliminary discussions with a potential partner,
  • Support from a panel of experienced experts who can efficiently evaluate the product and its dossier,
  • Support in business negotiations,
  • In case of new registration, support in the registration procedure,
  • In case of MAH transfer, support in the procedure,
  • Support in Post-authorisation activities and Pharmacovigilance.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to support you in your market success and answer all your questions.

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