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    Values that we follow

    At SciencePharma, whatever we do, we always look at our 4 core values. It is thanks to them that we have our well-established position on the market and can continue to grow with enthusiasm and passion.






    Our bravery is reflected in our openness to innovation and new, unusual challenges. We are eager to implement a project which requires conventional approach. Our client’s success is of utmost importance, so at the beginning we analyze the project and assess all obstacles which we can run into, to plan cooperation in the best way. After the initial risk assessment, we take on our clients’ projects even if they seem complex and no matter how complex they might be. We have proven many times that we can find a way out from any situation, situation even after the client has exhauted all the options and their end.


    The bravery is followed by commitment and partnership. In addition to the fact that at SciencePharma we take on all kinds of pharmaceutical projects of various degrees of difficulty, we engage to bring them successfully to completion. This wouldn’t be possible without the 100% committed team of experts who goes the extra mile to find the right solution to any potential problem. We never compromise on a “good enough” scenario, our service has to always exceed client’s expectations. By treating client’s projects as our own, we give our best to find a perfect solution to each problem.


    What sets us apart from other companies is our agility in dealing with challenges and successfully finding ourselves in new situations. Excellent knowledge of pharmaceutical law allows us to quickly define changing requirements and regulations, so our clients can efficiently implement appropriate solutions tailored to the ever-changing market. Each time we are looking at creating a bespoke solution to fit the needs of our clients.


    We look at each project in a multidimensional way, analyzing it from the regulatory, medical, legal, scientific or business perspective. It would not be possible without close cooperation and partnership of key departments in the company, which support and complement each other in terms of knowledge, experience and skills. Due to the fact that we have a multidisciplinary team of experts, we can look broadly and evaluate projects from different angles. Thanks to amity, mutual respect and excellent communication between the teams, discussions about projects are constructive, fruitful and end with jointly developed recommendations for our clients.