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    The commercialization process of medicinal products is an extremely complex and delicate task. Market launch, country-specific pricing and reimbursement guidelines, ever-present competition and time pressure – just to name a few areas of the demanding environment we have to navigate. At SciencePharma, we truly enjoy taking on all challenges. With excellent knowledge of pharmaceutical law and related legal regulations in the EU, we can provide support even with the most challenging projects.

    At SciencePharma we have a full understanding of national reimbursement and pricing rules. We know how to deal with serialization issues. We have a market sense and are able to analyze the commercial potential of pharmaceutical products with expert team of analysts, lawyers, and people dealing with regulatory issues, often with previous experience in registration agencies or the Ministry of Health. We support our Clients to establish optimal strategies for market access and commercialization success.

    Our top 5 commercialization services are related to 5 key areas:

    • Market Analysis – we provide an evaluation of the commercialization potential of each product and perform market analysis tailored to Customers’ needs. This covers, among others:
      • Evaluation of the product competitive advantages;
      • Forecast revenue, estimate product and portfolio value;
      • Competitive landscape analysis and product comparison with competitors (both existing and under development);
      • Preparation of roadmaps for each of the steps that need to be taken during product development;
      • Scientific and technological risks analysis together with suggestions on mitigation of existing and potential failures;
      • Assistance in finding additional public subsidy for any project under development, should the need arise.
    • Market Access – we analyze pricing and reimbursement issues to optimize strategy for signing successful contracts worldwide. We partner with our Clients from the early stages of the product life cycle to establish favorable support in building product value on local and global market.
    • Out-licensing and distributors brokerage – we assist companies in searching for partners in licensing or distribution models when expanding on new markets. We are experienced in negotiations of Marketing Authorization (MA) licensing and setting partnerships with medicinal products and medical devices distributors in the EU. We are the proud owners of a group of dedicated partners and distributors with whom we will conduct talks efficiently.
    • Product portfolio optimization support – an appropriate product portfolio is crucial to expand business in the pharmaceutical industry. At SciencePharma we watch current market trends and can guide you toward successful portfolio optimization. Instead of developing a new pharmaceutical product in-house, it is often more efficient to acquire a product with Marketing Authorisation (MA) from a third party. We provide support in purchasing licenses (in-licensing) for MA to enrich the Client’s portfolio. If necessary, we will also assist in drug importation from production sites in third countries.
    • Serialization set up & support – we support our Clients in the troubleshooting serialization issues by advisory services at the levels of regulatory affairs, technological matters, and legal & fiscal support.

    Need help in the commercialization of a medicinal product? At SciencePharma we provide complex support to scientist, startups and pharmaceutical companies to deal with all the challenges during the process of medicinal product commercialization.

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