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    Module 3

    Basically, every medicinal product application for marketing authorization needs to be submitted with registration dossier in Common Technical Document (CTD) structure consisting of Modules 1-5. Module 3 of CTD refers to quality part. It covers relevant chemical and pharmaceutical information about the QUALITY of medicinal product, its active substances and excipients (including data for biological/biotechnological products). It provides the detailed information on formulation, manufacturing process, relevant controls and other important product quality data needed to be assessed by Agencies prior granting the marketing authorization.

    The quality of a medicinal product must be proven according to the current scientific knowledge and respective guidelines. There is a long list of regulations aimed to assure that the product is designed with highest quality in mind. The specific regulatory requirements depend on many aspects, like the dosage form (solid, liquid), administration route (oral, parenteral, topical, inhalation), presence of the dosage device (syringes, pens, cups, sprays), target population (children, adults, elderly people), substance type (known, pharmacopoeial or novel) and substance origin (chemical, herbal, biological, biotechnological, genetically engineered, immunological, radioactive), etc.

    To QUALITY through a thicket of guidelines

    Notice to Applicants (NTA), Volume 2B-CTD indicates the scope of the guidelines regarding the quality of medicinal products and provides the respective references to assist applicants. As part of CTD, Module 3 should take into account the relevant information described in existing EMA (European Medicines Agency) guidelines and where relevant, also additional guidelines listed in the NTA. It is also of key importance to follow the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia wherever they apply.

    It is worth remembering, as also highlighted in the NTA, that the content of NTA sections which refer to Module 3 is intended to be illustrative only and should not be considered an exhaustive source of guidance. Applicant has responsibility to ensure that all relevant provisions, guidance, requirements and current scientific knowledge are taken into account. This is often a challenge for Applicants to go through the thicket of quality requirements, but ultimately benefit patients.

    Make it easier – assess the quality prior registration

    If you find yourself asking following questions, we are here to help:

    • Would you like to authorize a medicinal product, but you’re not sure if its quality is described according to relevant national/international requirements?
    • Would you like to know if your dossier is neither lacking important information (Gap Analysis) nor is too detailed. Do you know that unnecessary details can generate possible-to-avoid-costs in the future?
    • Would you like to know if a documentation you want to buy is of sufficient quality?
    • Are you planning to apply for a marketing authorization of a medicinal product and would like to have support in case Agency Expert has questions to the quality part?
    • Are you planning to use API from a new manufacturer, but you’re not sure if its ASMF meets respective requirements?
    • Are you planning to make an important change in the quality dossier of your product and you wonder if you described it properly?
    • Are you wondering if the development work you have done would be sufficient for the dossier?
    • Are you thinking of extending the authorization of your currently registered product to other countries, but are not sure what quality changes it may trigger?

    If you are overwhelmed by the plethora of various guidelines and still wonder if the quality of your medicinal product-to-be is sufficient for the registration (e.g. have all the needed experimental data, have enough validation or properly designed stability studies), you’re welcome to contact us.

    Avoid unnecessary studies during registration process. Be ready up front with us

    At SciencePharma we have dozens of Experts and years of practical experience. Following guideline updates is crucial for us. We have seen hundreds of dossiers in multiple registration procedures and countries of documentations for probably all product types, from tablets, through syrups to parenterals, chemical, biological or even advanced medicinal products. We have registered multiple products all over the world and we’ve managed many challenges that dossiers may face. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help you assess whether a given dossier is sufficient for EU procedures on national and international level (decentralised procedure (DCP), mutual recognition procedure (MRP), central. SciencePharma can perform Module 3 audit to demonstrate what is missing which can cause further Expert questions. At SciencePharma we do also advise during registration process to help you answer the questions arisen.

    Assessing module 3? Follow us

    Module 3

    With multiple Experts on board, with broad and strong scientific background, with the knowledge of current guidelines, and yet thinking out-of-a-box, we have a team capable of thoroughly assessing the quality of your medicinal product to enable smoother registration process.

    To go deeper into Module 3 sujects and read more about the quality data of medicinal products in the registration dossier we invite you to read full article on our blog.

    Would you like to register a product based on a documentation you want to buy, but you’re not sure if it is of sufficient quality? Would you like to assess your own documentation prior registration procedures?

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